Sisterhood of Mothers

A blog was never something I thought I would be interested in taking on. My voice is just one of many. What do I have to offer that is different from everything else out there?

The answer lies within myself, just as it does for everyone else. I have thoughts, opinions, and ideas that don’t need validation from a publisher to be spoken. And the truth is, I’m upset about the dissemblance of women’s confidence in carrying, birthing, and raising their children. I’m passionate about women’s rights and our need to reconnect with our roots, to believe in our own instincts and primal knowledge.

I have stories, opinions, and topics I look forward to exploring and sharing. I hope to include humor, wisdom (as much as my own is worth), knowledge on various pregnancy and parenting topics, and perspective.

Mamas, as different as we all are, we will always be part of a sisterhood. We are raising children, juggling responsibilities, dealing with finances, and loving our partners. We have a full plate, so let’s share and connect at every opportunity we have!

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