‘Tis the Season for Sickness 

School just started back up for many and, here in PA, it just started getting chilly. Every child that comes around our house to play seems to be coughing and have a runny nose. (And of course I cringe at the thought of my 9 month old and 3 year old catching anything…no one will sleep for a week and, ugh, the anxiety of having a sick child!) It got me thinking…why does this happen every year?

It was not hard to find a decent answer, thanks to Google. Apparently, when the weather gets cooler, cold and Flu viruses flourish. The air becomes more dry and our nasal passages are not as effective at trapping and expelling bacteria and viruses because of the lack of mucus.

So, best solution to preventing the Fall cold and Winter illnesses in general appears to be a humidifier! It keeps the air humid enough to support our body’s natural protection against illness.

On top of the Smartypants multivitamins we take on the daily, along with extra vitamin C, and probiotics, I added a humidifier to the bedroom and I’m crossing my fingers it will make a difference for us this season!

8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season for Sickness 

    • It’s true, diet plays a huge part in wellness. I know last year was a particularly rough year, with even the healthiest of families getting cold after cold, so there definitely are many factors!!
      Bringing all the kids together, inside for school, is a wonderful pitri dish starter too. Be it vaccine shedding, the fact that the cold and Flu viruses flourish in cooler air, less vitamin D from the sun, lack of hand washing, it’s the perfect storm!


      • Perfect storm, is right! Since our culture is not family friendly, parents can’t take time off from work to keep kids home. We are inundated with messages to buck up and push through and to value the dollar more than ourselves. Last year wasn’t too bad for us. We didn’t get the cold that never ended that so many people talked about. I did get the flu and my son got something in the spring. We stayed home and didn’t spread our germs. This will be my first school year for my son and I’m working outside the home, so we will see how it goes at work if I have to call out.

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      • Thank you! I plan to research colloidal silver as the people at my local health food store were speaking highly of it. I am in the process of going vegan and hope that will help us this winter too.

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      • Colloidal silver has helped my son fight off illnesses or keep them under control before! I’ve also used it to cure my cat’s eye infection. It can be very effective!


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